Thai massage

Session rate


A combination of Chinese, Thai, Californian massage is proposed.

This is a complete relaxing massage with essential oil from the tip of your toes to the root of your hair.


Effleurage, gentle stroke, vibration, friction are used in turn for a gentle relaxing massage to relieve and soothe muscular tensions. And ultimately, it will allow a deep physical and psychic relaxation..

The more the person will let go during the session, the more he/she will open to non-verbal communication that will « touch his/her heart ».


  • Harmonization
  • Full body relaxation

Back massage

This is a relaxing massage in which, acupressure, vibrations, frictions, are used in turn for a better dispersing of muscular tensions and suppleness of the back (trapezius, deltoids and shoulders) and lower back.

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