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Posted on June,21 2014 concerning shiatsu


Lagny sur Marne (SEINE ET MARNE)
58 years old

Gentleness and Effectiveness
Well-being starts as you walk into a beautiful garden... The waiting room is very comfortable. I consulted with Denis Valton about a pain in my right foot, an after-effect of a sprain I suffered from 2 years ago. I recovered my foothold just as it was before! Pain and tension episodes just vanished. Thank you so much for this very gentle session. See you soon.



Posted on May,14 2014 concerning shiatsu

Thierry Chelles

Lagny sur Marne (SEINE ET MARNE)
49,years old

A real sense of well-being !
My 14 years old daughter had very crippling vertigo problems. After she went through thorough basic medical examinations (blood tests, MRI, ENT...) with no result, she passed in the hands of Mr Valton. He noticed that she wasn’t using one of her eye muscles. At the end of this session, vertigo had disappeared!!!! What more can we say!!!!!!!



Posted on 6 January 2014 concerning shiatsu



I had this nagging pain which wouldn't go away after surgery. I'd just about resigned myself to the fact that it was the inevitable consequence of the operation. But then Denis Valton brought lasting relief. I even regained a degree of suppleness that I hadn't enjoyed for years. The sessions also work for my other aches and pains (headache, stiff neck, tension due to stress). At the end of the sessions, I feel liberated and reinvigorated. + The duration of the sessions at the practice. Denis Valton's determination to ensure that the pain has gone or is at least greatly reduced.

- Nothing!



Posted on 20/12/2013 concerning "shiatsu"



“ Relaxation ”

I've been doing a monthly shiatsu session for 2 years now. I notice that I am calmer and less stressed out than before. + Massages are tailored to your preferences and can vary. - The duration because the session lasts 30minutes.



Posted on 20/12/2013 concerning "shiatsu" from a mobile phone.



“ He was our last hope ”

“He was our last hope” Mr Valton really knows his stuff and has nothing to do with what some might term quackery. In fact, he's an expert in shiatsu and I warmly recommend him. His patience, expertise and quality of care are all of a much higher standard than what a "conventional" healthcare practitioner could offer. Hospitals refused to treat my infant who had been constipated for 3 weeks. They told me to wait until he was older and his clinical condition had improved but apart from that there was nothing they could do! In a single shiatsu session, Mr Valton rebalanced our baby and had identified the problem that same afternoon. I can't tell you how happy and relieved I was!! Mr. Valton is really good at listening to and serving his patients, and offers excellent advice. It's pity that the medical profession fails to recognise shiatsu therapy because it is an effective and painless practice.



Posted on 19/10/2013 concerning "relaxation"



66 years old

“Now I believe in miracles!! ”

I was TOTALLY blocked, flat out on the carpet, unable to move and it REALLY hurt. Following a call from my wife, Mr Miracle er... sorry I mean Mr Valton, intervened between 9pm and midnight!! I had some doubts at first since there didn't seem to be much going on. I could barely feel his hands on my back and yet I had to face the facts, when he felt he had done what was necessary the magic had worked, well almost, because I must admit that I still had to wait for the next day to be right as rain and you have to be patient in those situations! But all things are relative! Dare I say: to try it is to like it. Too late, I've said it now and I'd say it again if need be. A thousand thanks dear Mr Valton, I look forward to seeing you soon for a ti punch to toast the success of your discipline which continues to mystify me



Posted on 19/10/2013 concerning "relaxation"



18 years old

Finally a solution after so many aches and pains

Finally a solution after so many aches and pains After 1 and a half months of visiting doctors, both GPs and specialists, following my problem of dizziness and severe headaches (on a pain scale from 1 to 10, I was at 9 for several weeks) my life was hell every day. I went to see Mr Valton who was finally able to locate and relieve the problem after 3 sessions because my headaches were much milder (2 on the same scale) and all without medication. I feel a real improvement after my sessions and with the help of the exercises he gave me hope that everything will return to normal quickly. I'll let you know how I get on.


Reply from the Valton Denis shiatsu practice, 27/10/2013
Kevin, thank you for this testimonial in the Yellow Pages. The many Internet users who read it will now realise that there are solutions which allow them to escape from the spiral of medicines which are sometimes such heavy going. A combination of Shiatsu and Osteo-Energetic massage is an equally effective, pain-free method with no cracking based on a proper analysis by the therapist. Thank you



Posted on 26/07/2013 concerning "relaxation"

Nathalie PP


I have already benefited from several years of care from Denis Valton to help me relax generally. But this time, for several months I had been suffering from barely tolerable stress which gave me a bloated stomach and digestion problems... in one session, thanks to his expertise and relaxation techniques, the stomach disorder disappeared and I was able to eat and digest normally again. Nathalie.

+ His relaxation techniques




Posted on 26/07/2013 concerning "relaxation"


Issy les Moulineaux

Beneficial experience

I was looking for a practitioner able to resolve tension accumulated over a few weeks which ended up disrupting the quality of my sleep and causing me digestion problems. I was really run down. After consulting various Shiatsu websites, I opted for a session with Denis Valton. The quality of his approach and his sheer professionalism convinced me that I had made the right choice. At the end of the session, I felt much more relaxed, as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. And this morning, despite only a short night's sleep, I felt in much better shape! Definitely worth trying again. Thank you very much.

+ Relaxation techniques, tuning into your body

- Next time, I think I'll try a futon on the floor, that must be more relaxing.





Posted on 24/04/2013 concerning "relaxation"



43 years old

No more pain

Suffering from a herniated disc and an acute sciatica after prolonged treatment with anti inflammatories, cortisone and morphine, I consulted Denis Valton. After the first session, the unbearable cramps had disappeared. At the second session, I could stand up straight again and walk properly. Finally life could return to normal. If the pain comes back I would definitely go and see him again. Christine. .

+ I appreciated his availability and advice.




Posted on 6 January 2014 concerning shiatsu



Posted on 18/04/2013 concerning "shiatsu"


Noisy le Grand

47 years old


After two sessions, I am calmer, more relaxed and less anxious. The experience was successful and extremely beneficial.

+ Everything

- Nothing!




Posted on 15/04/2013 concerning "shiatsu"



Aix les Bains 
49 years old


A real sense of well-being

The works council at our company regularly offers us sessions with Denis Valton. For my part, I went to see him 3 or 4 times in a year. After a brief interview to pinpoint the needs, Denis Valton offers the most appropriate method. I always come out feeling totally relaxed with a real sense of well-being. Whether for back problems, sleeping disorders or stress, I've always appreciated the benefits of each session both during and after.

+ Listening skills and gentle manipulations.

- I hated going back to work afterwards. Ideally, I would have followed it by a short walk and then a nap.




Posted on 06/03/2013 concerning "relaxation"


Claye Souilly

Persistent pain in the fibula

For years now, I've suffered from persistent localised pain in the fibula despite an operation which was meant to resolve my problem. None of the many tests I underwent was able to determine the exact cause of this pain. Walking became an effort and I had unbearable back pain due to poor posture. In March, on the advice of a friend, I met Mr Denis Valton who treated me. A fortnight after a single session and a period of rest, the pain had gone. Mr Valton's professionalism together with the positive outcome of his intervention mean I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone in pain.

+ His competence, listening skills and effectiveness




Reply from Valton Denis, 18/07/2013


Good evening young man, I just found this link which allows me to thank the people who were willing to leave their testimonials in this space. Thank you for the kind words in your personal account. Bear in mind that I have upgraded my website and would like to know what you think of it. In any case, feel free to choose the network which suits you best. A thousands thanks, Mr Diomar Denis VALTON




Posted on 05/03/2013 concerning "relaxation"


Villiers sur Marne 
34 years old


Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain After many physiotherapy, osteotherapy and massage sessions I went to see Mr Valton after making a purchase on GROUPONDEAL and he solved my problem in one session. It's hard to believe, but this practitioner put paid to six months of pain and daily discomfort which meant that on certain days I couldn't even change gear when driving or raise my arm.

+ Listening skills and the positive outcome of the session.




Reply from Valton Denis, 18/07/2013

Good evening. I just found this link which allows me to thank the people who were willing to leave their testimonials on this space. Your testimonial is a great way for certain visitors who have consulted my website to become aware that other much less intrusive techniques can solve recurring problems. Please also note that I've upgraded my website and would like to know what you think of it. Thank you for your loyalty Regards Denis Valton




Posted on 23/11/2012 concerning "care outside a regulated framework"


39 years old


Speeded-up recovery for athletes

I met Denis in a professional context. I do competitive rollerblading and participate in 6-hour solo races as well as the Le Mans 24-hour team rollerblading event. The first time I saw him was two days after a 6-hour competition. Suffice to say that my back and legs were incredibly stiff! In a 40-minute session, it was as if I had gained a week of recovery. My stiffness was significantly reduced. Beyond the physical aspect, Denis told me that he felt that I didn't let myself go enough and had to work mentally on relaxing my muscles during exercise, and that this would allow me to boost my performances. I took it all on board and worked on my tension. In one and a half years, I increased the distance covered in 6 hours by 20%!!! I can now do my 6-hour races non stop. And when I cross the finishing line, I'm not as tired as before!!! I would say that this progress is 50% due to Mr therapist, Denis VALTON.
+ Immediate well-being provided by the sessions. I saw a physiotherapist and an osteotherapist before and the result didn't feel quite as effective. It is also an all-encompassing approach that addresses both the consequences of sports fatigue after exertion (cramps, stiffness, etc.) and the causes by helping raise awareness of your body so you tune into it better and manage it more effectively during exercise.

- Not having met him earlier...


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