Solutions to psychosocial risks (PSR) – In companies

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Since 2005, Denis Valton has been intervening in several renowned Paris companies accompanying the staff and helping them anticipate stress and psychosocial risks. In these companies, he proposes to set up a prevention system.

Avoid Burn Out and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) We are all vulnerable!!

Besides periods of heavy workload, our organism is sometimes subjected to violent attacks and sneaky traumas. These are often neglected and, in the long run, they lead to musculoskeletal disorders bringing on tiredeness, stress and irritability.
In order to limit these risks and favour well-being at work, Denis Valton offers preventive care and energetic rebalancing solutions, both at physical and mental level through relaxation.

Disorders taken care of

  • Articular pains
  • Overwork
  • Mental depression
  • Stress
  • Burn-out

Seated Shiatsu

Denis VALTON -Shiatsu-Entreprise

Seated shiatsu: among the solutions
for stress management in the workplace

Posture at work

It is quite common in most organisations to have a medical care service to follow up employees. Unfortunately, despite the quality of the work done, this may not always be sufficient. Employees do not pay enough attention to their bodies.
Thanks to postural integration and postural analysis, the therapist helps them become aware of bad postures, restore their corporal schema, and better listen to their body. It will then react efficiently against latent or sneaky traumatisms and you will avoid painful discomforts.

Denis Valton proposes these services after a contextual analysis in the entreprise.

In-company gift session

May be eligible for social security refund

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