Matthieu Dafreville

Thomas Gendre

Automne Pavia

Alain Schmitt

Since 2004, Denis VALTON started working with Judo, Athletic sports, mountain bike and football high level athletes.

Coach experience:

 2005 Athletics Italian Championship (muscle toning, recovery and athlete management) (French-Cuban triple jump athlete);


2005 Sports and Enterprise National Games in Montpellier with VEOLIA (management through SHIATSU and osteopathy with a team of 120 athletes who won the games;
2006 French Judo Championship in Amiens with the Pontault-Combault team, who won 1st place (muscle toning and recovery);


November 2008: Help with the 2nd National women Police Sports Symposium for relaxation sessions, muscle toning and introduction to SHIATSU with recovery techniques for high level athletes among police officers.

 For the 2012 European Championship Master in Chelyabinsk and the 2012 Olympics games in London, following a special request from Judo contestants: help and preparation, special care sessions, recovery and energy re-balancing sessions.




Among the athletes working with Denis Valton:
  • Murielle Pruvost,
  • Thomas Gendre,
  • Adrianna Lamalle,
  • Matthieu Dafreville,
  • Alain Schmitt,
  • Dimitri Dragin and Automne Pavia...

Dimitri Dragin

Automne Pavia
Bronze medal at JO-2012 , gold Medal at Europe 2013

Adrianna Lamalle

Murielle Pruvost
College Europe Champion

Other references:

Denis Valton collaborated with high level athletes in Athletics, Judo and Canoe-Kayak sports activities.

 2013 in the Preparation for the World Judo Championships in Rio

In 2012 he worked with Judo-players, preparing them for the Bercy International tournament, the European Championship in CHELYABINSK followed by a most important event, the OLYMPIC GAMES 2012 in LONDON.


Denis Valton

- He coached several judo-players such as Matthieu DAFREVILLE, Dimitri DRAGIN, Automne PAVIA, Alain SCHMITT and Marielle PRUVOST throughout the 2011- 2012 - 2013-2014 seasons.

Since the end of 2011, he has been working with Adrianna LAMALLE, with the following objectives: The London Olympic Games and her best title "world youth Champion - 1999".


les athlètes de haut niveau et Denis.jpg - 255.58 Ko

Géraldine Lecefel - Denis Valton - Adrianna Lamalle - Myriam Lixfe,

 With the European Championship and 2008 Olympic Games, a request came from the female group of Judo-players. Denis VALTON helped and prepared them through recuperating sessions.

- He participated in the 2nd Sports for Police Women National Conference (2008).

- In 2006, at the Pontault-Combault Judo-players French Championship, he coached the whole team, focussing on muscular awareness and recuperation. The team ended 1st position at the end of the competition. 

- In 2005, at the Italian Athletes Championship, he coached a Franco-Cuban - 3 long-jump athlete aiming for muscular awareness and recuperation.

- In 2005, at the Montpellier Sports in the Enterprise National Games, he worked with VEOLIA, taking care of a team of 120 athletes, who won the games.

- In 2003-2004 he was the 1st partner of a group of athletes including:


- Leslie Djhone - European Champion in 2006 in Gothenburg and Hurdles Relay 4x400m World Champion (Paris, 2004).

-  Marc Raquil  - European Champion in 2006 in Gothenburg, Double Medal in individual 400m, 4x400m and 400m (Paris, 2004).

Patricia Girard – 2003 World Champion, 10 "Grand Championship" medals (4x100m and 100m hurdles).

Sébastien Denis – 2003 French Champion (110m hurdles).

Cédric Lavanne – 2005 French Games winner (110m hurdles); 2006 European Championship.

Richard Maunier International 2003.

Jean-Marc Grava - selected for the Olympics 110m hurdles.

Olivier Théodore - International 400m hurdles.

Media references

Intervention in many well-know Parisian businesses:


Assistance and support to anticipate psychosocial risks.
In sports: Collaboration with top athletes in Athletics, Judo and Canoeing
Each season, participation in the preparation and fitness before the International Judo Tournament in Bercy, the European Championship, and then the biggest competition the Olympic Games.

Following the Judo-players: Matthieu DAFREVILLE Dimitri DRAGIN, Automne PAVIA, Alain SCHMITT and Marielle PRUVOST throughout the 2012 season and 2013. 

Also following Adriana LAMALLE:  best title  "World youth Champion 1999" Adrianna LAMALLE.


  • 2006, 2007, 2008 2009, 2012, 2013 Telethons with  France 2 Television
  • 2006, 2009 Music Awards with  France 2 Television
  • 2006 Jazz Awards with  France 2 Television
  • The 2007 Jazz Night at the Olympia with TSF RADIO
  • 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, SOLIDAYS
  • 2008, 2009, 2010 Fashion International Shows



Denis Valton in "Le Parisien" newspaper in 2005


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