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During intense training periods, the sportsman’s body is subjected to violent attacks and sneaky traumas that are often neglected, but that in the long run might give rise to musculoskeletal disorders that can lead to injury.

In order to minimise these risks and to optimise the athlete’s performance, Denis Valton proposes a combination of several techniques including shiatsu and other preventive care and energy rebalancing solutions, both as a physical and mental approach.

Alain Schmitt en plein combat
Alain Schmitt

Additional care to reduce the risks of injury

Generally in most sports structures, a medical staff is present to provide follow-up care for the athletes.
Despite the quality of their work, this is unfortunately not always sufficient. Athletes pay inappropriate or uncomplete attention to their body and some injuries often result from a lack of awareness.

Dimitri Dragin pour le judo
Dimitri Dragin

Musculoskeletal disorders are at the origin and the cause of all the injuries that slowed him down all along his sports career. This being acknowledged, and on the strength of the success met at the competitions (Olympic Games and World championships) by the athletes followed-up by Denis Valton, the latter proposed a “Qi-Prog” as a preventive solution.

Shiatsu du sportif  Adrianna Lamalle et Denis VALTON.jpg

Adrianna Lamalle, World youth Champion, 100m hurdles


A combination of these solutions enabled the athlete to recover her physiological and psychological balance, to become aware of her bad postures, to recover her body image and to better listen to her body. Her body then reacted efficiently against latent or sneaky traumas and she was able to avoid painful discomforts.

Automne Pavia

Pathologies treated

  • Pulled muscles
  • Dorsalgia
  • Strained muscles
  • Periostitis
  • Groin strain
  • Stress
  • Tendonitis

Planning of "QI-Prog" programme

1. Energy rebalancing

2.Osteoenergy (Poyet* method).

3. I.P.O. (Intégration Posturale Ostéopathique) to allow a diagnosis of the various body tensions and blockages, in three phases:

a) Visual, fascia and respiratory assessement of the patient in upright position (static and dynamic) with the active participation of the athlete to this listening.

b) Modification of sensitive "entries" to change the postural tonus and the state of fasciae.

c) A solution to his/her unbalance achieved by the patient through exercices.

4. A Trigger Points session (treatment of persistant pain)

5. Assistance during competition (muscular awareness) depending on availability.

6. Energetic massage to recover energy.

7.Fitness massage.

Please note : The timetable of sessions will be arranged in details with the athlete. * Prepaid packages are valid 18 months from date of purchase. They are transferable to a third person, but not refundable.

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