Osteo-Energetic therapy

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Upon finding the bone strings that connect up organs, Maurice Poyet was able to transpose into the whole body the fluidic dynamics laws that are recognized in cranial osteopathy. A former student and friend, a medical doctor who trained Denis Valton, improved it on the strength of his medical, structural osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy background.


This form of gentle osteopathy detects structural and fluidic (dynamic) dysfunctions of the body and teaches the body how to correct itself and gradually regain its balance.

A simple approach: starting with a diagnosis of the skull where osteopathic perturbations of the body can be felt. Energetic and fluidic osteopathy is a form of non manipulative gentle osteopathy, a method elaborated by Maurice Poyet who is at the origin of a new fluidic approach of the human body.

Disorders treated

  • lumbago
  • backache
  • neck pain
  • tendonitis
  • vertigo
  • headache
  • visceral pain
  • gastric reflux
  • ENT
  • baby colic

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