ATSU pressure
GIVER Shiatsuki
FUTON Japanese mattress rolled out on the floor
HOLISTIC Human sciences doctrine bringing the knowledge of the individual into the whole.
KI energy / Japanese

The meridian connects the surface of the body to the internal organs. Its functions consist of circulating the energy (Ki) and blood, warming and nourishing the tissues.
Along each meridian we find specific places called acupuncture points (Tsubo in Japanese). These are body energy inlet and outlet points, both of natural strengths and illness. Energy can also slow down and stagnate on these same points.

PARASYMPATHIC Is one of the ways the autonomic nervous system functions, that is adaptation.
PRANA energy / Hindu
QI energy / Chinese
RECEIVER the patient
SHIATSUKI person practising Shiatsu (Therapist)
SHI fingers
AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM is a part of our nervous system that controls unvoluntary actions. It deals with the reflex actions of our body and functions in two ways: either it adapts or it closes.

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