Giving up smoking

Session rate


This is a 4-session coaching: the first session is an investigation into your smoking habits, your motivations and above all the means you are planning to set up to stop smoking. This is accompanied by a shiatsu relaxation session (1 and half hour to 2 hours).

The second session is a specific shiatsu session based on breathing exercises and the stimulation of addiction-related digital-pressure points. During the session, both the smoker’s lungs will reopen, thus causing a sudden need for extra oxygen: the available respiratory surface has just increased, it truly liberates the respiratory tracks and the patient can check it immediately (approx. 1h30). It marks the quitting of tobacco.

The following will be relaxation follow-up sessions through shiatsu, aromatherapy and olfactotherapy (1h). The first two sessions are 15-days apart. During this interval you may find that you are not ready, that the timing is wrong or that in fact you don’t yet feel like giving up. At this stage, you can end the programme freely.


Giving up smoking is a physical and mental challenge that cannot be faced without preparation. Help to quit smoking combines several techniques: shiatsu, olfactotherapy, aromatherapy, breathing exercices, that will help you turn the corner in the best conditions.

All smokers can succeed. Only one condition is to be met – but this is mandatory: the sincere wish to stop smoking completely if the opportunity arises to stop without any trouble.
No method can prevent them from smoking. It has to be the smoker’s solid decision.

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