Energetic magnetism

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Energetic magnetism : is a therapeutic technique related to physical body care. It evidences specific actions on energy fields and in particular on the ethereal system, to relieve certain disabling bodily pains, improve organ dysfunctions and revitalize vital energy-deficient patients.

description of bio energy

The action of my energetic approaches is obviously a major asset to investigate and understand the relationships between the physical body, psyche, and vibratory radiance.

How does energetic magnetism work?

Energetic magnetism acts on painful syptoms and body dysfunctions. It does not act on the deep-rooted causes of a pathology or on ill-being. In this case, an additional Shiatsu care will be necessary. Depending on cases and the persons, improvement will be long-lasting or will require periodical booster sessions by the therapist, as the causes of the pathology remain potentially active.

Aims of energetic magnetism:

  • relieve pain,
  • suppress pain whenever possible,
  • improve organ dysfunctions,
  • revitalize vital energy to restore the person’s capability to live in a minimum comfort, that is the aim of this energetic care.

purpose of bio energy
Results can be felt immediately

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