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Therapist credentials

Established since 2003, the Therapist obtained his diploma from the shiatsu and aromatherapy school (André Nahum). He was accredited by the osteo-energetic school (Jean Marchandise - Maurice Poyet), and trained in ohashiatsu (Master W.Ohashi). He is a recognized practitioner approved the French Shiatsu Federation (a method without manipulation or cracking).Since 15 June 2014 he graduated in BIO Energyand magnetizedAnd very recently (June 11, 2016) trained to treat fibromyalgia.

Your choice
At the Paris practice
At the Chelles practice
At your home (+ €20.00)
  • Shiatsu / Ohashiatsu

    Two shiatsu massage techniques by acupressure to release energy from the meridians and strengthen or organs's tonification.
  • Poyet’s therapy

    Osteo-energetic method using brief and gentle manipulation to relieve pain, joint locking and trauma No cracking, no manipulation.
  • Well-being massage

    Enjoy a subtle combination of : Chinese, Thai, Californian, massages for harmony and relaxation.
  • Testimonials from our clients

    Discover and share clients’ comments on osteo and shiatsu sessions with your practitioner.

    You should also know that the sessions can be supported by your Health INSURANCE.

Never postpone or cancel a consultation with a general practitioner or a specialist as a result of the therapies proposed. Only a general practitioner or a specialist is able to make a diagnosis, complete a treatement, prescribe medicines or even decide to stop a treatment. The same applies if you started sessions with a kinesitherapist, these should be continued.

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