Suction cup massage

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The suction cup is a bell-shaped glass container used to treat through creating a “revulsion” reaction induced by vaccum-sucking of the skin. Some people might consider that this technique belongs to the past, but the reflex antalgic, energetic approach of this type of treatment plays a significant part in the therapeutic response. The vaccuum created in the cup enlarges pores and dilates superficial blood vessels (capillaries). This creates a cutaneous congestion on the site of the vacuum application. The skin will change aspect, it will redden and cover itself with reddish to purple spots.


The technique used by Denis Valton is the so-called "cold dry cupping"; the placing is done by suction pumping the air with a pneumatic effect. Cupping time lasts around twenty minutes and may vary depending on the anatomic levels of application. It may be shorter depending on the area to be treated.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Excellent for tendonites
  • Treats some headaches

  • This technique is particularly effective:

    • to unknot energetic blockages
    • against backache
    • to give a lift to blood circulation
    • to improve skin suppleness and quality
    • to detoxify and tone up skin
    • for muscle relaxation…

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