Mineral Shiatsu

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Session rate
90 euros

Mineral Shiatsu - alternating essential oils with hot stones

This particular technique based on heat, brings immediate relaxation and favours energy rebalancing of the body and mind.

During a session, approximately fifty hot stones of various sizes and shapes are used. The stones are first heated to a temperature of 50°C and then oiled, before they are placed along the body on vital energy points and on specific chakras.

With additional hot stones, the practisioner follows the body muscles, from your face to your tiptoes. Effleurages, slight pressures, vibration, frictions, are used in turn for a gentle relaxing massage that will dissipate muscular tensions and soothe conscience. The particular technique of this massage combined with heat procures an immediate ralaxation that will favour rebalancing of the body and mind.

A relaxing, healing touch!

Everyone will enjoy a hot stone massage! Nevertheless if you are diabetic or have serious cardio-vascular or skin problems (psoriasis, shingles, eczema), this treatment is not recommended.

Note: The word “massage” is only used here to illustrate techniques originated from other countries. They are not therapeutic and do not pertain to any modern medical or paramedical practice. Therefore, this massage will not replace a visit to your General Practitioner.

Shiatsu for Pregnant Women

Babies | Postnatal | Teenagers | Adults | Hot stones

Session rate
70 euros


Pregnancy demands a lot of energy. Your body undergoes many changes and adjusts for this event.
Shiatsu for Pregnant Women is ideal to relieve the side effects of pregnancy and to maintain even harmonious energy levels, both for the future mum and the baby.
This help is complementary to the medical supervision of the expectant mother.

How does it work ?

After enquiring about her health and lifestyle, the Shiatsu practitioner makes a first energy diagnosis, generally on the person’s belly (hara) or on her back. Based on this diagnosis, he then applies successive pressures to specific points of the body, with very subtle stretching.

Body areas treated

In particular, Shiatsu during pregnancy helps to :

  1. relax the muscles and nervous system
  2. relieve stiff and aching muscles
  3. relieve joint pains due to weight gain
  4. treat lombar problems, very common in pregnant women
  5. relieve heavy legs pains due to a poor blood circulation

Practising shiatsu may also be a preparation to giving birth. It will also allow you to build a bond with your baby and to better manage anxiety and the stress of giving birth.

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Postnatal Shiatsu

Babies | Pregnant women | Teenagers | Adults | Hot stones

Session rate
50 euros


Childbirth is a physical and emotional turnmoil. A new baby is a source of joy, but it is also accompanied by deep tiredness. Learning to practise a shiatsu massage with your baby, finding important pressure points, listening to your baby’s needs… the duration of the session will vary, depending on the baby’s age and personality.

How does it work ?

Postnatal Shiatsu helps to restore the hormonal balance of your body and thus prevents baby blues, also called postnatal depression.

Shiatsu: one of the most recommended techniques after giving birth.

Shiatsu will help you better handle your lack of sleep, which means you’ll have more time to look after your child. Shiatsu will also help you regain control of your own body after this period of changes. At the end of the first postnatal session in your package, Denis Valton will invite you to learn the basics of baby massage.


  • Favours the link between the mother and her child
  • Stimulates convalescence, breast-feeding
  • Helps you recover your physical and emotional balance
  • Alleviates pains, small traumas


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